2 Helpful Tips For Healthy Weight Loss - Its More Than Just Dieting and Exercise, Its Mental

Without a doubt the easiest place to find tips for healthy weight loss is coming online and doing searches, reading blogs, checking out reviews and news stories. What you will typically find is most all of these sources cram loads of their "professional" training and dieting tips to get you on the right path for weight loss.

Well, I'm going to tell you there is a whole other world for help to weight loss that you probably haven't thought about yet. The mental aspect is vital to shedding pounds on a consistent and healthy basis. Its not about how quick you can lose weight but are you doing it the right way, with the proper mindset to maintain lifestyle change. That is key, changing your current unhealthy lifestyle and slowly replace it with a more healthy lifestyle.

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All the information in the world is out there about dieting and exercise plans for weight loss. Keep in mind these are the tools to get where you want to be but what you really are going to need is the right mental approach. Lets discuss a few helpful tips you can use to play on your mind so you actually have a chance for long term weight loss.

First you need to sit down and go through your daily and weekly lifestyle. Come up with a list of a few bad habits you do on a consistent basis. For instance, maybe you drink cokes way too much. You could have 3 or 4 a day, this is clearly an unhealthy habit. You could pick up drive though fast food a few times a week and you know its adding to your weight issue but you fall into the habit again and again.

Mental Trick #1 - Associate the thought and action of this habit with a painful emotion that pushes your button in disgust.

This might sound like a joke but bear with me. This gets the job done and its something anyone can do. If you do this enough you will notice the effects and eventually you can beat a habit, or significantly reduce it, without the emotion association. Here's how someone who has used this mental technique overcame his addiction to Dr. Pepper. His roommate in college absolutely disgusted him with how he lived. The guy played video games day and night but what really got to him was he drank Coke nonstop leaving the cans around the room. It would get to the point where it annoyed him enough and he'd have to confront his roommate about the messes he was leaving behind. This generated a strong emotional reaction to gaming and drinking soda. Just associating this emotion to his own habit helped him tremendously. Don't forget to replace this unhealthy habit hurting your weight loss with a more healthy one, maybe drinking water in this case.

Mental Trick #2 - Visualization

This one is great. You can't keep telling yourself everyday "Ok, I'm not going to get french fries with lunch" and expect yourself all the sudden one day wake up and never eat them again. Believe it or not visualizing yourself the day before passing on that unhealthy habit makes it easier for you when the time comes. Don't believe me? Try it! This is not "thinking" about it, you probably already do that. Its being in a relaxed state of mind and actually visualizing yourself taking the action you want to occur. Visualizing does work, many athletes do this to run how they want to play. A move they want to make on the field, a shot they want in basketball, how they envision themselves moving on the field etc. The most beneficial time to do this is a few minutes every night while you're laying in bed before you go to sleep. Keep in mind, you can visualize yourself tomorrow, the next few days and even months of how you want to be living.

Its a mental confusion technique and with enough practice you begin to believe in it. To give you a little more insight in to this mental technique here are a few solid resources. I highly recommend you glance over them to gain an appreciation for what visualization can do for you. Using these two powerful weight loss mental tricks you give yourself right now today a huge advantage. Now that you have these tools you can apply some of the helpful weight loss dieting and exercise plans you have read about online.

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